Solar lighting poles

  • Solar lighting poles
  • Solar lighting poles
  • Solar lighting poles
  • Solar lighting poles
  • Solar lighting poles
  • Solar lighting poles
  • Solar lighting poles
  • Solar lighting poles
  • Solar lighting poles
  • Solar lighting poles
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Product Description: -

Solar lighting poles

Through our vision, Introsolar Egypt believes that solar energy is entering a new phase of demand

Intersolar Egypt offers an ideal lighting system combining the latest technologies and innovations to illuminate streets, squares and roads in areas that are not connected to the electricity grid.

The poles of solar lighting are a way to get a light without cost, and that the cost of solar energy taking into account the cost in the infrastructure of the land of cables and drilling and filling the small ordinary using LED lights.

Features of solar lighting poles: -

We offer the following:

1. Reduce daily operating and maintenance costs.

2. Minimize the absence of installation wires from the resulting inconvenience, such as what causes the road users to install.

3 - Do not mention the electricity on street lighting.

4. It is easy to install street lighting "solar poles" in almost all locations.

5. Site flexibility.

6 - the existence of a battery of solar batteries backup for cloudy or rainy days.

7. Lack of scheduled maintenance for five years.

8- No monthly electricity bills.

9. Charging controls to extend the operating life of the battery.

10 - Better source of lighting - LED light is characterized by white light

Environmentally friendly - 100% grease on solar energy, and solar power for streetlights reduces pollution.

Self-resolution of content - through the subjective sense of biological influences.

Solar lighting poles

Disadvantages of traditional lighting poles: -

  1. The normal electroluminescent column always comes as separate units which are in the column body, connecting wires, feeding cables, light bulb and drilling equipment.Solar lighting poles
  2. The bulbs used are sodium bulbs and have a short operating time.
  3. Sodium bulbs are not very bright as their power consumption is too large.
  4. Sodium lamps are yellow, which gives bad lighting to both pedestrians and motorists especially in desert areas and highways.
  5. The normal power column needs an external power source and an external operating source while solar lighting poles are illuminated by a sun sensor.
  6. When a problem exists in one of the poles of the electric lighting, the whole line must be separated for maintenance work for one column. The lighting column needs regular electricity for an external power source, pressure switching stations, distribution panels, lighting switches, fire extinguishers and copper power cables with hoses or insulation pipes that are extended along the way to The place to be illuminated is often switched on and off manually from a central controller.
  7. As the column operation unit is not closed, the electricity is stolen from the column by advertising and advertising companies or ordinary people.


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