about us

about us

 Intersolar Egypt was established and one of the most important goals it has sought since its inception is the localization of renewable energy technology in our country in order to the global trend to increase the participation of clean energy as an ideal alternative to conventional energy (oil-coal-... However, solar energy can be used directly in the operation of solar heaters, lighting poles, irrigation pumps or water pump solar energy, which helps to reduce pollution and reduce CO2 emissions as a result of the use of traditional methods of power generation and all Studies have reported that traditional energy sources have been depleted in a few decades, and the ideal alternative is, of course, clean and renewable energies in all its applications, solar energy is one of the most important streams of renewable energy, especially in the C. M. The entire Arab region and to achieve our goals We had to follow the latest technology used in that field and choose what suits us and the goal was clear and specific and it is a high quality Egyptian product at the price appropriate this goal is achieved only through scientific research and development, as well as integration with specialized research and scientific bodies.




our vission


is to offer companies and individuals a low-cost alternative energy source characterized by its effectiveness, sustainability, environmental protection and the use of the natural resources that God has bestowed upon us.  


To become an Intersolar Egypt leader in the Arab market service

Because without a distant vision you draw the way and without high ambition has no roof or borders we will not be able to build a bright future for our generations to come.

about us